The decolonisation of thinking // What can art do?

What needs to be done to change the power relationship, which is still most of the times unequal, in order to find new ways and other directions of thinking in our togetherness?

We share the same history, but not the same memories.

We can go different ways, try new ways. We can open a space where it is possible to create history together and to share common memories. With a concrete interaction, we can perhaps help to reduce misunderstandings, fears and reservations.

To open this discourse Beyond initiated an international exchange programme for the participating artists and a dialogue forum which was open for public. In August 2021, over a period of three weeks artists from Nigeria, DR Congo and Germany exchanged their thoughts and ideas in an exchange programme with workshops, talks, curatorial tours through various exhibitions and discussion rounds.

The highlight of the dialogue forum was a panel discussion named “THE DECOLONISATION OF THINKING // WHAT CAN ART DO?“ which took place at Altes Pfandhaus in Cologne.

Even though our team did everything humanly possible to get our international guests to Cologne, the two South African artists Puleng Mongale and Manyatsa Monyamane were not allowed to enter Germany due to a travel ban. 
It is the sad proof that we still have to go a long way to fight racism and inequality. That’s why we ask both artists to send us video statements to draw attention to their situation. Here you can see their statements.

Photos by Lea May

Cooperation Partners: Internationale Photoszene, Africologne, Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum
Funded by: Kulturamt der Stadt Köln, FREELENS Foundation